Men's Services

A hair so natural it retains its color.  So strong it retains its wave. A hair so fine, yet four times stronger than the strongest growing hair. Each hair is added with the exact wave in place to flow as nature intended.  Shower
and it will not tangle. Swim and look natural in the pool. Cyber Hair may just look better than the hair you lost.  It's the best hair I've ever worked with, and the most natural looking.

New Man Hair
Comes in either custom made or in stock.  Can be made in human hair or synthetic.

Laser Hair Therapy
Works well with our Hair Support products. Purchase a months supply
of  our Hair Support Products, and receive 4 Boston Laser Hair Treatments for $10.00 ea. (Must be used within 30 days from time of purchase)

Expert Cutting and Styling
vice Includes Shampoo, Rinse, Conditioning, Haircut & Style, and Neck Trim. Our cutting and styling was judged First Place Internationally in Fort Lauderdale, Florida competitors conference.

Women's Services
Women's Wigs  
Are personally selected by me for the individual who wants a quality product for an affordable price.

Ladies Hair Systems
Are custom made or stock for the person who only wants to cover a weak hair area? It's a lot more common than you may think. We've been doing this for ladies for the past 25 plus years.

Children's Services

Children's Wigs
Designed for kids to make them look and feel natural. Our goal is to
make a child feel like a winner in this race called life.